Nashville Crew Heads to Atlanta for Cadillac Shoot

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Every time I shoot for with Cadillacs I have a great day.  This time was no different.  I headed down to Atlanta to cover the Cadillac Drive Experience for one of their Middle Eastern clients.  The best part was I got to shoot on the Canon 5D.  I love working with this camera.

Straight from Detroit baby!

General Motors was showing off their new Cadillac ATS.  They invited journalist from around the world to test drive the new vehicle.  I was working with some journalists from the Middle East.  My day started off with shooting some beauty shots of the ATS.  Oh, I should probably mention that I was shooting in PAL at 25fps.  That made the day a little bit more interesting but I got use to it quickly.

After shooting some beauty shots of the ATS I mounted a Go Pro to the hood of my truck.  I made sure to switch the Go Pro to PAL as well.  We then followed our talent as they took the Cadillac ATS for a drive.

A screen grab from one of the stand-ups our journalist did. I used Canon’s 70-200mm f2.8 II for the stand-ups.

Eventually we made our way to Atlanta Motorsports Track in Dawson County, GA.  It was there that we shot some footage of the ATS on the track.  Afterwards we shot stand-ups with our journalist.  I’m not sure what he had to say about the car because he was speaking in Arabic but the shot looked super cool and the audio was clean.  Rain prevented us from getting one more interview with a spokes person from GM so we had to do that back at the hotel.

GM had the Cadillac’s perfectly aligned outside the hotel. It made my job pretty easy to get some killer shots.

When the shoot was over I copied the footage over to five hard drives.  Before I knew it I was on the road back to Nashville.  Can’t wait to work with our favorite PR team again!