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Nashville Crew Shoots Documentary for Upcoming Blu-ray Release of Driving Miss Daisy

I was pretty pumped about this shoot when I first heard about it.  I love Morgan Freeman, who doesn’t?  On top of that, “Driving Miss Daisy” is one of those timeless films.  I headed down to Atlanta with the Sony F-900 to shoot interviews for a documentary on the origins of the play and film, “Driving Miss Daisy.”

The most delightful, 90 years young, historian I’ve gotten the chance to work with.

Over the course of two days we shot four interviews.  The first two interviews were at the The William Breman Jewish Heritage & Holocaust Museum.   I love shooting in museums.  They’re usually quiet and offer interesting textures for backgrounds.  Although we were a bit cramped for space I was able to get two different looks with basically one set up.

Nothing like a cramped hotel room to make your day a little more interesting.

The next day we shot two interviews in the producer’s hotel room.  Hotel rooms are often challenging due to a lack of space and not having much to use for backgrounds.  This situation was no different.  However, we were able to get the hotel to bring up different kinds of flowers, vases, etc.  We made it work.

These two days were a blast.  I don’t get to work with the F-900 as much as I would like so I was excited to spend some quality time with “her.” On top of that, the stories about how the play and eventual movie came to be written were fascinating.  The coolest interview had to be the one we did with the grandson of the man with whom Morgan Freeman’s character is based on.  I can’t wait for the Blu-ray release of “Driving Miss Daisy” so I can check this documentary out!


Not too shabby for a cramped hotel room.