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Nashville Crew Shoots for NBC’s Rock Center

Cool things are happening in the automotive industry these days.  Lately Ford has really been pushing the boundaries of what a car can do for you besides just getting you from point A to point B.  Ford recently teamed up with Facebook to make it’s cars more social friendly via it’s Sync technology.  I headed up to Dearborn, MI to shoot at the Ford Motor Company’s world headquarters for NBC’s Rock Center.

One of many angles I got with the Go Pro.

Armed with perhaps my favorite camera, Panasonic’s HDX 900, and a handful of Go Pros I was ready to rock.  Our day started at Ford’s Sync lab where we shot technicians demonstrate how Sync can connect with Facebook.  Afterwards I mounted some Go Pros to a Mustang and we drove around the Ford Campus while we interviewed one of the head engineers.

I'm pretty sure any interview looks better when a car is in the background.

Our day ended with setting up for an interview with Ford’s Vice President of Marketing and Sales.  Ford hooked us up with a large show room for the interview.  There was a Fusion parked in the room on one of those turntables.  I adjusted the angle of the car and got set up.  Above the car was this array of soft lights that really highlighted the car well.  Once I had my subject lit I only had to add one additional light to give the front of the car a bit of punch.  It’s always nice when you can take advantage of your environment, especially when you don’t have a ton of time on your side.

Although it was a fast paced day it was also a lot of fun.  I can’t wait to see the piece when it airs later in the air.