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Nashville Crew Shoots NFL PSA with Titans QB Jake Locker

I was lucky enough to spend the day at the Titans Training Facility in Nashville, TN.  It was there that I shot a PSA with quarterback, Jake Locker.   I was shooting on the Sony F-900 utilizing the Nano Flash which records to CF cards.

Titans quarterback, Jack Locker.

We were shooting on the indoor practice field.  Above is a skylight that lets in plenty of sunlight.  No scrim was needed because the sunlight was very much diffused.  I used one 400w Kobold HMI as a key.  The skylight made for a great natural backlight.

The camera was mounted to a doorway dolly on track.  This gave the shot a nice slow moving motion.

As always, I had a great crew to work with.  When we finished shooting I took the CF card from the Nano Flash and quickly plugged it into the Nexto.  As we packed up, the footage was copied over to the Nexto.  This way I had a back up just in case.  By the time we were rolling out of the facility the footage had already been duplicated.  I’m definitely looking forward to more NFL shoots.

Here’s a screen grab of the close up of Jake Locker.