Nashville Crew Shoots with PGA Professionals in Atlanta

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Lately I’ve been on some sort of Golf Channel World Tour and I’ve loved every minute of it.  This time I headed down to Atlanta to shoot some vignettes on PGA professionals.  I shot on the Sony F-800 XD-Cam.

PGA professional Robert Graham from the Piedmont Driving Club.

Over the course of two days we shot a total of four vignettes.  The producer knew exactly what she wanted and had a system in order to achieve it.  We shot a short interview with our PGA professional.  We then changed the background and had him introduce himself to the camera.  I altered the framing with each take.  Afterwards we shot some “profile shots” of the professional.  Between each scenery change I snapped off some beauty shots of the golf course.  Our shoot ended with the PGA professional doing a club fitting or teaching a lesson.

The shoot was smooth.  Both days wrapped early.  What more can you ask for?  More Golf Channel shoots, please.