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Nashville Crew Turns Up the Heat with “Heat Seekers”

The last time I shot for Heat Seekers I was in Charleston, SC.  This time the show was shooting right in my back yard.  It was great to work the talent and crew again.  It was like we never missed a beat.

I spent three days working on this show.  Each day we found ourselves in a different restaurant but our shooting schedule was the same.  Our day always started with interviewing the chef.   I shot the chef interviews on the Canon 5D while the other cameraman filmed beauty shots of the spicy dish.  I spent the rest of the day shooting on the HDX 900.  Our talent, Aaron Sanchez and Roger Mooking were given a first hand look at how the spicy dish is made.  Then we interviewed the people after they try the dish.  I also shot b-roll of the restaurant and people trying the dish.

Overall it was three action packed days.  Not only did I get to work for a great show but I got to try some amazingly hot and unique food.  I can’t wait to shoot for Heat Seekers again!