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Nashville Works with Local Non-Profit Thistle Farms

I always love it when I get the chance to work for non-profits.  It’s nice to give back to the community.  This time I was working for Thistle Farms.  Thistle Farms is an organization that helps women who have survived lives of violence, prostitution and addiction.  In return for providing homes for these women they work in a factory that creates natural body and bath products.  All profits from these products in return help these women.

I was shooting on the HDX 900 with a Nano Flash attached.  I started my day by documenting how the products are made in their factory.  Afterwards I shot a few interviews.  My day ended at a Whole Foods store.  It’s one of many locations that sell their products.  We shot the product display and then did a quick interview with a sales person.  Transferring the footage recorded on the Nano Flash to a hard drive was easy thanks to the Nexto.  I look forward to working with more non-profits in Nashville!