Regan Smith HUB shoot for Speed Channel

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Speed has been one of my favorite clients to shoot for in the Charlotte area and I always jump on the opportunity to create Cool TV with them.

The last time I worked with Regan Smith was at the Hangar shoot in Daytona as an apprentice with Tom Wells so it was a huge sense of accomplishment when it was up to me to make this Driver look awesome.

The Race HUB interview segments are a little more stylized and that is what makes them fun. We were able to combine many background elements such as sheet metal, a projector and party gels to achieve the iconic “HUB LOOK”  Since Regan Smith was our guest, we went with a red theme to match his “Team color.” Shooting on dual HDX-900’s called for color matching so we were able to tweak the scene file in camera to really get the colors to pop.

The interview looked awesome and as always SPEED was very happy with the end product. Can you say WIN!?