Ryan Dumville teams up with SPEED for Race HUB

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Prior to the Coke 600 Rolling into CLT, I teamed up with SPEED once again to shoot some open and close segments for Race Hub with talent Danielle Trotta. These segments were to be shot at an undisclosed house near Charlotte and required a few different setup in a short amount of time.

I arrived on site early that morning and established the first setup on the back porch. The basic theme was to shoot  Danielle enjoying a coffee and the sports section of the paper as she spouted a few racing stats to camera. This was a great looking set up when it was all finished and the Kobald HMI’s really added the punch I needed to get an even wash of daylight balanced light. My chimeras and road rags kit always deliver for these type of setups as well.

We then moved to the bedroom where we shot another transition segment. This portion needed to look a little warmer so I dropped a dichroic filter into each my HMI’s and presto! This allowed me to get an early morning sunlight effect I needed for the look.

Cool TV… It’s what I do!