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ATL Crew + Steve Harvey = Wedding Magic

Usually for my job I have to travel a lot; it’s a given. This time, I took the long haul on I20 from Atlanta to Dallas to cover a few shoots for Roggg.  I headed to Steve Harvey’s ranch where he had set up and sponsored a wedding for a great couple.  We had 5 cameras running around and covering the preparation, wedding and reception.  Mr. Harvey’s daughter was there, and we got  lots of stand-ups with her and people around the ranch.  The Steve Harvey folks were all awesome to work with and we had a good time shooting the whole thing.  The reception was particularly awesome and the people all seemed to really enjoy it.


-Jeff M

A little lounge in the reception.


I HAD to the photobooth they had set up.  As you can see, I was shooting on the HVX200.