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Atlanta and Charlotte Crew Team Up and Hit Gold

Ryan and I have been teaming up pretty frequently these days to do some 2 camera shoots.  This time we cover a segment in Charlotte with actor, Chris Atkins.  We set up a 2 camera shoot in the house he was staying in.  We used minimal lighting and went for a more natural look as opposed to a straight forward interview.  We ran through the interview, the producer asked him of his career and past and what he up to right now.  He was super excited to tell us about his endeavors in gold mining on the property that we found him on.  So Ryan and I headed back to the mines.  It had been raining for about 34 years straight before we got down there so the mines were pretty full of water.  I didn’t mind though, so I climbed down and grabbed a few shots looking down into the eerily soggy and water filled tunnel.  I love that kind of stuff.  They then showed us the process of finding gold and the end product.  Good times!

We got out late so I crashed at Ryan’s place and hit up my favorite coffee place in the morning before going back to Atlanta – Stinky Cat!

-Jeff M


Most handsome Z1U shooter on set!




I love getting dirty. Here I am climbing in a gold mine!




He puts on the pants to keep his clothes clean then makes me jump in the mud!







Dirty mocha chai from Stinky Cat in the early a.m.