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Atlanta Crew Visits Charlotte for a CBS Shoot

It’s always cool to go on set of a TV show and see how they do things.  This time, I was on the set of “Under the Dome,” on CBS doing some 2 camera interviews with Ryan Dumville and Joel Hinrichs.  The show is based on a book by Stephan King, so there’s your hint into what it may be like.  We walked into the set, a big open, kind of hanger-like building – filled with these huge boxes made of plywood.  The boxes were surrounded by big softbox lights and backdrops.  We walked into one of the taller boxes and found ourselves in a mock radio station that they use on the show.  I thought it was pretty cool – all the little nuances they do to make the shots look better. Example: windows that rotate to reflect glare a different direction.


Anyway, me and the boys began loading in and setting up. We keyed the subject and the backlit with some Litepanels.  Needless to say, we made art.  As our subjects came in, multiple reporters from around the world would interview them, so we were constantly switching cards in our NanoFlash recorders to give the individuals their particular interviews. We’re awesome like that. The actors and producers we interviewed all seemed really excited for the show.  Even Stephan King seemed pumped, but laid back, sporting a pair of velcro sneakers. We had a good time, and it’s always good to hang with other GTT guys.


-Jeff M

Here’s my view.  I was shooting the reporters.

IMG_1809 IMG_1808