Go To Team Elite Camera Crew & Video Production Crew | Charlotte Crew shoots with HBO Sports & boxer Andre Berto.


Charlotte Crew shoots with HBO Sports & boxer Andre Berto.




This week I traveled to Winter Haven Florida for HBO Sports to short feature for the upcoming Berto/Guerreo match. Andre Berto is fighter with tremendous talent and nothing makes that clearer than seeing this guy in action. My producer and I started our day with Andre Berto  and his Personal trainer to shoot Andres warm up and workout routine. I was shooting on the Panasonic Vaicam which allowed me to select variable frame rates at the touch of a button. 24P                                                                                                                        native was our go to frame rate but the slow mo option was great for some of the faster paced workout segments which were captured at 60fp.

After the workout session we moved our operation to Andres house to set set up for interviews. For the backdrop of the interview I used some black duvetyn to make it look a bit more dramatic. I also used a combination of arri tungsten heads and 400 Kino to really get the look HBO wanted. The interview went great and after a little trash talking to the camera we were wrapped

 I’m looking forward to this fight big time!