Chicago Crew Hurdles with Illinois Athletes

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ILL Track






Another Miro shoot.  Yes!  I turned the GTT truck south and headed for Chambana (Champaign-Urbana), where sits a quaint university, Illinois University.  It was time for another installment of the Big Ten Experience.  Track and Field was the subject and the Phantom Miro was the medium.  A perfect combination.  I slowed these scholastic athletes down to 1000 fps as they jumped, sprinted and threw heavy objects into the air.  The end result, beautifully elegant video of the human body being put to the test.  I worked every angle imaginable for this shoot.  From the tops of ladders to laying on the ground underneath a hurdle.

While preparing for this shoot,I initially tried to keep the Miro rig as light-weight as possible, but in the camera world that can come with a price.  I ended up fitting it with a  SD PIX 240 for Apple Pro Res files, a Zacuto EVF Viewfinder and a cheese plate with rail support to mount my IDX battery and power everything.  I easily doubled the cameras weight but it was fully functional for this run and gun fast -paced shoot.  Is there irony there because the camera was shooting slow motion?