Charlotte crew shoots Demo DVD with Trijicon optics.

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Master shot.

I traveled to Fayetteville last week for a really sweet gig with the U.S. Army and Trijicon. Trijicon produces optics like the ACOG (advanced combat optical gunsight) that are standard issue with many governments worldwide but specifically used by the U.S. Marines, Army and Navy Seals. Our mission was to shoot a series of overview videos for a DVD detailing the scopes specifications and capabilities. I love working with DSLR’s and thats exactly what our shoot called for.  3 Canon 5D MKiii with a variety of different lenses which gave us the edgy look the piece needed. I’m in!

We began our day at the outdoor range but high winds and threatening rain forced us inside. This is the part of my job that I love, you never know what small challenges will decide to present themselves, but the show must go on right? After a quick powwow with the producer we decided we could shoot out of sequence and cover the outdoor stuff the following day. Once Inside I was able to recreate the look indoors with the help of some black duvatine and some camo netting that was lying around.

Throw in some litepanels, Kino flos and some tungsten and Voila!  Our talent were pretty special as well, 2 former Delta Force and Seals. Lets just say these guys had some amazing stories.