Dallas Crew Shoots for E! News

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It was only a day after covering South by Southwest for E! News that they booked me on another shoot.  I thought that was pretty cool.  This time I didn’t have to travel to Austin.  Instead I ventured across town to shoot an interview and some b-roll with an up and coming fashion designer named Nini Nguyen.

Fashion designer, Nini Nguyen talks with E! News.
Fashion designer, Nini Nguyen talks with E! News.

We shot the interview in her living room.  I used a 400w Kino Flo as the key and my 200w as a backlight. There was plenty of daylight seeping in so I used my 5.6k bulbs.  I set up an Arri 650w to hit the background with a slash of light.  I placed a full CTB gel on my Arri 650w to match the daylight coming in.  After the interview she gave us a tour of her closet.  Nini pointed out some of here favorite items.

This shoot didn’t take long.  We were in and out pretty quickly.  I was shooting on the HDX 900.  Once the tapes were handed off to the producer I headed home with plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the day.  Sweet.