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Dallas Crew Spends the Day with Danica Patrick

After spending the month in Texas shooting a pilot for a popular lifestyle network it was time to head home.  However, G4 needed a crew to follow Danica Patrick around as she sported a special Sonic the Hedgehog paint scheme for her race at Texas Motor Speedway.  So let me get this straight.  I get to spend more time in Texas, shoot on the F3, follow Danica Patrick around all day, and be at a NASCAR track? Yes, please!  Where do I sign?

Kristin Adams gets her ear plugs in before the race starts.

I headed north to Fort Worth, TX with an F3, some sweet Nikon glass, and the necessary support to turn the F3 into a lean, mean, ENG shooting machine.  Our day started with Kristin Adams interviewing Danica Patrick.  Oh, I almost forgot, for the interview with Danica I used a Canon 5D to get a wide shot.  It was easy to get the F3 and 5D to match since there is a great picture profile for the F3 that recreates that 5D look.  After the main interview with Kristin we got a tour of Danica’s hauler.  We then shot some tosses with our talent and various garage b-roll.

Later in the day we covered Danica qualifying for the Nationwide Series Race.  It was so much fun to be shooting at the track.  It’s been a while since I’ve been around this much NASCAR.  Oh, how I’ve missed it.  We basically shot b-roll and tosses with Kristin Adams up until right before the race started.  We then wrapped and I headed back to my truck.  I transferred all the footage to my producer’s hard drive while enjoying the race.  Before I knew it my day was done.  I can’t wait get back to the track.

Danica Patrick gets prepared to qualify.

Yup, this is definitely her car.