Dallas Crew Starts off the New Year Working for ABC’s 20/20

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Christopher Shell sits down for an interview with ABC’s 20/20.

Happy New Year!  I’m so excited for 2013 and happy to call Dallas my new home.  This year got off to a great start.  I was booked to shoot an interview for ABC’s 20/20.  Armed with a HDX-900 I got to work.

I headed over to the Omni Hotel in downtown Dallas.  My producer had rented a room there.  It’s always a bit tricky shooting in hotel rooms, especially rooms that don’t have an abundance of space.  I thought the shelf and curtains in the room looked interesting so I went for that as my background.  Once I had finished setting up I shifted my focus to set decoration.  Strangely, all the artwork and decorations in the room are bolted to their respective surface.  Hmm, I’ve never come across that.  However, my producer ventured into the lobby and found some items to add to the background.

Eventually our interviewee, Christopher Shell, arrived.  I mic’d him up and did a quick audio check.  (I was “one man banding” it on this shoot)  After the interview we headed across the street to feed tape at the local ABC affiliate.  It wasn’t long before we wrapped.  The story aired the next night.  Bring on the next shoot!