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Howdy Texas! Dallas Crew is Ready to Rock’N’Roll in the Lone Star State

I’ve always wanted to experience life in the big city.  When I got the chance to move to Dallas, I jumped on it. After all everything IS bigger in Texas.

Nothing is cooler than cars streaking by during a time-lapse.

I’m excited to be calling the “Big D” home.  I spent the last few weeks exploring the area and settling in to my new place.  One of my goals was to find some killer spots to shoot scenics of Dallas.  I’ve always heard people have trouble in that department here. They weren’t kidding.  It took me a few days to find some great spots that weren’t blocked by power lines or telephone poles. I found one spot on a bridge over Interstate 30.  I liked the spot so much; I just had to come back that night and shoot a cool time-lapse.

It’s kind of crazy to think that I’ve lived in six states in six years.  Since 2006, I’ve called Ohio, Colorado, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Tennessee, and now Texas, my home.  Since I was a kid it has always been a goal of mine to visit all fifty states.  It never occurred to me that my career would play a huge part in accomplishing that goal.  Yet, here I am, ten states away from visiting them all.

When I joined Go To Team, I got the idea to put a map on my wall.  Every time I visited a new city or state, I would mark that visit with a pushpin.  Since we tend to do a lot of driving, I also highlighted the routes I took to get to the shoot location.  Fast-forward to 2013 and I’m left with a very busy map.

That’s a heck of a lot of pushpins!

As of January 1st, 2013, I have yet to visit Connecticut, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Alaska, and Hawaii.  Ahem, um, while I have you here, if you happen to need a cameraman in any of these states, I would be happy to be your guy.  Just give the office a call and ask for the “10 States To Go” special.  But before you do, let me just give the office a heads up!

With a new year, new home, and the same great attitude, 2013 is definitely shaping up to be an excellent year.  Happy trails, partner!