What happens at NAB… usually doesn’t stay at NAB it will most likely end up in your gear package.

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A few weeks ago I boarded a plane headed to Sin City for the Broadcaster’s ball aka NAB (National Association of Broadcasters). This was my first time at NAB and in Las Vegas (unfortunately, I don’t have a tale that can rival Hunter S. Thompson). I was excited, I have known of this mystical event for 15 years. Anxious, I wondered was NAB going to be as magical as it was in my mind or was I just another Bos in the herd.  We hit the floor Tuesday and Wednesday rubbernecking everything we passed, but we were on a mission a mission to find that thing, or things, our goal was to outfit  it was to accessorize! For us it is the year to accessorize, what is that item that will add convenience and beauty to our current arsenal…lenses? motion control? video recorder? remote control helicopter rig.

Look for updates on our new gear and how we are using it in the field.

Photobomb Vegas
-Jimmy Hall