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Charleston Crew takes on Vandy with Intersport

IMG_5514 Vanderbilt University,  a smaller school in the SEC is preparing to go up against UGA.  That is the story…Shades of David and Goliath.  How can a team prepare for such an overwhelming opponent?  This is the story we told under the watchful guide of Intersport.  Using the Sony F-3, we trained alongside the Commodores, went to their team meetings, listened to their pep talks, and shared their hopes and fears.  Over the course of the week, we shot handheld, we shot on sticks,  we shot with ENG lenses, we shot with DSLR lenses, we brought out our slider, we shot beautiful scenics, we shot raw emotion, physical stress, the preparation of the body, the steeling of the mind.  The week culminated in battle on the UGA field.  The story of the Commodores struggle airs on Saturday, November 15, on CBS “College Football’s Open Season” at 2pm EST.  check it out.