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Chicago Video Crew shoots Par for the course in Columbus for Golf Channel

What were you doing when you were 20 years old? Getting your first job, going to school, or perhaps watching the Master’s on TV? Well not PGA Pro Golfer Jordan Spieth. At only 20 years old Spieth was this year’s runner-up at the Master’s Golf Tournament, one of the biggest tournaments in professional golf! He is now about to start his 3rd year on the PGA tour and yes, he really is only 20 years old. I was as surprised as you probably are as I worked with him this week for the Golf Channel in Columbus, Ohio leading up to the Memorial Tournament over the weekend. We followed Jordan during his Wednesday morning practice round and Pro-Am competition. He let us stick the camera in his face while he chose 3-wood over Driver and tried to drill 15-foot plus putts. We chased him up and down the golf course and got his raw reaction to a bad shot or his humility as fan after fan begged him for his autograph on his way to the next tee.

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It was a beautiful day for golf and luckily the afternoon thunderstorms held off just long enough for us to finish the round and get to the clubhouse still dry and ready for a sit-down interview. After his practice round, Jordan sat down with one of the Golf Channel personalities and discussed what it was like to play such high-level golf at such a young age.


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Once the interview was finished we were wrapped and it was time for me to make the long trek home to Chicago. After spending my day with him, I can say for sure that Jordan Spieth is certainly a class-act who doesn’t act his age-which in this case I suppose is actually a compliment! Best of luck to Jordan in this weekend’s tournament and on the PGA Tour!

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