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Chicago Video Crew talks Fantasy Football for NFL.com

It’s already the middle of July which means one thing for NFL football fans; football season is fast approaching! With football season comes the ever important Fantasy Football. Almost rivaling the popularity of the actual NFL, Fantasy Football has inspired the hit TV show “The League”, a slew of “Fantasy Experts” now on each major sports Network, and a new web series titled “Tough Season”. Now in it’s second season, “Tough Season” has had on several big guest stars including Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris and Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte. I had the opportunity, along with NFL.com, to catch up with these two on a recent shoot outside of Chicago.

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We went behind the scenes and checked out Alfred and Matt’s rather impressive¬†acting skills as they were featured in several different scenes throughout the day. I have to say, my Canon C300 and Canon L Series glass were dwarfed in comparison to the Arri Alexa’s and Cine Primes being used by the pros on this shoot. Nonetheless I got some great shots of the guys having a good time as they literally sang and danced for the big screen.


Later, we were able to sit Matt down and ask him all about what it was like to be on set for the show, what he thought of the Bears upcoming season, and how he felt about Fantasy Football in general. Matt had some great answers and even told us he felt a little offended he wasn’t projected as the top Fantasy running back this season. You’ll have to check out the full interview coming soon to hear more from Matt, as well as the Director of “Tough Season”!