Miami Crew shoots NBA Moms vs NFL Moms in basketball with Shaq!

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screen capture 3 NBA

Go To Team’s Miami Crew was on hand to cover a charity event that Shaquille O’ Neal’s mother Lucille O’Neal holds annually in which the NBA moms play the NFL moms in a game of basketball.  screen capture 3 NBA

The two day shoot started off the day before the event at Shaq’s house where the NBA mom’s held practice in the “Shaq Center” (the full size basketball court facility in Shaq’s house).  I was given the opportunity to record the practice and get a couple of interviews.  I shot the interviews in Shaq’s trophy room.  The camera of choice was the HDX900 with a Nano flash backed up by DVC Pro tape stock.  The 2.5 hour practice was intense with the ladies going up and down the court doing drills.  Everything wasn’t all business though, with Shaq joining in on the fun dancing with the NBA mothers.  The next day’s event was a success with various members of the community coming out to support the woman.  There was even a slam dunk contest at half time in which Shaq was among one of the judges.  Screen capture 2 NBA screen capture One NBA