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Houston Crew Goes to Mars Yard at NASA

I recently got the chance of a lifetime to go backstage at NASA in Houston. We shot a new episode of “Absolute Genius” with Dick and Dom for the BBC. Quite an interesting and quirky crew that made it a day full of laughs!


I shot it on the Sony F5 using a Canon 17-120mm lens. I love this camera setup because the image is pristineĀ and design very robust. We shot it in Sony S-Log which preserves a very broad dynamic range for post production grading.


The highlight of our trip was at the end of the day. We got to ride in the Mars Rover taking us on some fun 30 % grade craters! Here is an excellent audio guy I work with, David Feagan, micing up one of NASA’s robotic geniuses. 25 years in the business. Look close and you can see some Go Pros we rigged up on the Rover.




One of the most interesting facts I learned on this trip was the cost of a current astronaut space suit. They are valued at $200 Million a piece! Here is a shot of an old Russian space suit. Wow, the times have changed.