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San Francisco Crew Gets Educated On 3D Printing

innovation nation - 1

Go To Team’s San Francisco crew recently traveled to Burlingame, CA to the office space of Electroloom to film an episode of The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation.

Electroloom is developing a 3D printer for seamless clothing like T-shirts, tanks, skirts, etc.

Aaron Rowley

Aaron Rowley

The “cloth” material is sprayed from a grid of small nozzles onto garment–shaped, metal templates that hang in the center of a plexiglass bin

Innovation Nation - Craig 2

We shot an interview, Q&A stand–ups & B–Roll with the three founders Aaron Rowley, Joesph White and Marcus Foley.

Innovation Nation - Craig 3

Gear: We shot Panasonic HDX900 to Odyssey 7Q.