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ATL Crew Blows Up Sandwiches with Arby’s and ELeague

A gamer walks into a gun range with a roast beef in one hand and a…. Ha! No Joke. They did and our Atlanta crew was there. We got to see sandwiches explode!

Our Atlanta Crew teamed up with Arby’s and ELeague to promote a new Arby’s sandwich with the help of ELeague teams: SoloMid, Echo Fox, NRG, and others at Stoodard’s Shooting Range.

Here’s the pitch…so we want to shoot gamers shooting real guns and blowing away Arby’s sandwiches. There’s one answer to that, YES! This was awesome because they brought in professional counter strike players and we got to see how well they can shoot a real gun with the targets being Arby’s sandwiches. Depending on how many times it took to hit the sandwich they would get awarded points. The team with the most points claimed the win.


Most of the athletes had never fired a real gun before. One player stepped up to the range and aimed down the sights; He fired at the sandwich and hit right into the block of wood underneath it sending the sandwich flying into the air perfectly intact! Using the Phantom Flex 4k we re-watched the hit in slow motion and you can see the sandwich almost floating in the air!

To capture this action, we were “loaded for Bear” a Phantom Flex 4k, Sony F55, Gopro 4, Canon 5D Mark 3.