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Atlanta Crew Goes One-On-One with Kobe Bryant


So I’m not sure if anyone has heard but Lakers superstar, Kobe Bryant, is retiring from the NBA. I had the pleasure of shooting an interview with Kobe and Ernie Johnson for “Inside the NBA.”

My apprentice, Bryan and I  loaded up hordes of pelican cases into our fancy room and began creating art.  I setup four cameras and painted the walls with light.

The only part of the room that really stood out from the wooden walls was this big, frosted glass door. I ended up shooting an HMI right at it from the outside and threw it in the wide shot.


That’s me on the slider, the star.

Kobe talked about his career, his future and his thoughts on the NBA.  Things went well, the conversation was live. Check out the finished product here. I had fun setting this shoot up and the crew was all awesome.

– Jeff M