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DC Crew Goes Tailgating with the NFL


Ultimate Tailgate time! Our DC cameramen went to Pittsburgh for the NFL to film fans tailgating before the Steelers game at the Heinz Stadium.


The “Ultimate Tailgate” is a sports show where they go to different stadiums and shoot fun, unique and outrageous tailgate parties happening before football games. We worked with Akbar Gbajabiamila, former pro ball player and current sports analyst for the NFL. (He is also the co-host for American Ninja Warrior!) He scouted for diehard fans and fun get-ups. We filmed him playing around with fans and asking them what separates their tailgate from others.


It was a cool shoot working with Akbar. We filmed and got waivers signed and helped carry equipment. Nice day with nice fans!


Check out the video that aired on NFL.com here!

Gear: Fs7/F5 + A7s/5D + Ronin