Miami Crew Swims with Antonio Brown for The Body Issue

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Let me tell you, I’m a huge football fan, so when I heard that I was going to be shooting with Antonio Brown I was beyond stoked! When I arrived to the set, which was a mansion in the Coral Gables area in South Florida, I was impressed especially because of the pool.

We actually filmed the shoot in the pool that made slo motion in the water amazing for visuals with the ripples of water and droplets falling to the ground at 120 frames per second. Moving through the photoshoot, the photographer did some shots up against the vertical stone beams supporting the building.

The best part of the shoot was when the photographer got real creative and had Antonio on the trampoline where he could bounce around and strike a pose for the lens. There are times when the camera crew gets a lot of time to shoot these behind the scenes set up shoots but there are some when you only have a few seconds.

The camera of choice was the Sony F55.