Nashville Crew Works with Heroes for CNBC

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“Never start a business to make money, start a business to make a difference.” Travis McVey, former marine, is definitely making a difference. Our Nashville cameraman worked with CNBC to tell his “heroic” story.


McVey served on the presidential honor guard and has since retired from the military. He witnessed a lot, and unfortunately lost close friends who were also in the military. He decided he wanted to start a business where he could contribute profits to organizations that help military veterans and their families. His “bright idea:” Vodka! He created Heroes Vodka in the heart of Nashville – the same place where Jack Daniels was founded – and is now selling it in 15 different states.

McVey on the presidential honor guard in the Marines.

We were able to shoot this piece in Heroes Vodka’s main headquarters – a massive beer, wine and liquor distribution warehouse. We captured B-roll of McVey and his business partner, product shots and a 30 minute interview. We love working with inspiring veterans and CNBC!


Be sure to watch the full video below!

Gear: HDX, Odyssey