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Atlanta Crew at ELEAGUE Major with Turner


eLeague Major with Turner Sports

eSports and Video Gaming is blowing up and Turner Sports is out in front with ELEAGUE. Turner recently posted an “Aftermovie” and it’s killer. With eLeague ramping up for the next game, looking back on the fun of CSGO seems like forever ago.   The folks over at Turner brought me on to shoot post-interviews and after movie footage of the eLeague Major at the Fox Theatre.  This was all pretty awesome considering all I had to do was get dope shots for a couple days.

eLeague Major with Turner Sports

The Fox is an old theater in the heart of ATL. The inside is designed with Egyptian and Islamic influences giving it the grandeur you’d expect of a pharaoh’s residence.  There’s one elevator, the original one from 1929. Our room was on the 5th floor so all day for 2 days we went up and down the stairs.

eLeague Major with Turner Sports

As far as the actual event, getting cool reaction shots from crowds and players was key. The toughest part was finding something different and more creative than the other shots I had been getting. Once in a while, I’d ask people to yell at me so I could shoot it in slow-mo.

eLeague Major with Turner SportsGetting shots of the players was more difficult as I couldn’t walk out on stage because of the live broadcast. I found a better angle and posted up for the win with all the confetti and trophy lifting glory.

The final movie came out amazing. Grant over at Turner killed the edit. Here’s the full video: AFTERMOVIE