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Atlanta Crew Highlights Marty Lyons’ Graduation


Marty Lyons Graduates from Alabama “I have my degree, and no one can take that away from me.” We got to capture Marty Lyons of the New York Jets prepare for a moment almost 40 years in the making – graduating from the University of Alabama. We were thankful to work with Jets 360 and the NFL for such an amazing shoot.
Marty Lyons Graduates from Alabama

Lyons played football at the University of Alabama when Bear Bryant was coaching. Lyons talked passionately about his and Bryant’s relationship. Lyons quoted Bryant saying, “There are four things I want you to accomplish while you are here: 1. Be proud of your family. 2. Be proud of your religion. 3. Get an education. 4. And if we have time, let’s try to win some football games.”

When Lyons won the National Championship the calls from the NFL flooded in. He told Bryant he had to leave UA and pursue a professional career. (He spent his entire professional career with the New York Jets!) Bryant made him promise to come back one day and get his degree. “Coach Bryant meant so much to me, so I had to do it,” said Lyons.

Marty Lyons Graduates from Alabama

We spent two days shooting footage of Lyons at his old stomping grounds and then his actual graduation. Lyons is such an important player with the Jets and we were happy to help them highlight him during this important moment in his life.

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