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Golf Channel Solheim Cup

Chicago Camera Crew Teeing Up with the Golf Channel at the Solheim Cup

 What do you get when you pit Americans and Europeans against each other in a golf tournament? The Solheim Cup!
Golf Channel Solheim Cup

Chicago Camera Crew and The Golf Channel Bring the Solheim Cup to Facebook

“A celebration of golf” and “the Ryder Cup with manners” is how golf commentator Jerry Foltz described the Solheim Cup, and as I watched and listened to the crowd cheer in the stands, I couldn’t agree more. Chicago cameraman Matt Rossetti and I had the pleasure of working with the Golf Channel at the Solheim Cup in Des Moines, Iowa to bring some behind the scenes action to the Golf Channel’s Facebook page. We shot  throughout the weekend, as a showdown between the Americans and Europeans of the LPGA heated up once again.

The Solheim Cup is a golf event unlike any other due to its varying types of match play between small foursomes representing America and Europe. There is an atmosphere of national pride as onlookers are encouraged to cheer for their country’s players. It’s that energy we were there to cover as we shot multiple live stream sessions with fans, staff, volunteers and the professional female golfers themselves.

Golf Channel Solheim Cup Gear

International Competition gets Heated

The most exciting event of the day was the First Tee Show, which went live on Facebook each day just before the first golfers arrived to a horseshoe of cheering fans. As the DJ played hype music, the Europeans would begin chanting for their team and the Americans would retort with a rowdy “USA! USA! USA!” As the fans continued their back-and-forth, we shot interviews with golf commentators to get some insight on the day ahead and promote the coverage that was soon to follow on the Golf Channel. The excitement reached its peak as the team captains and players emerged from beneath the stands to further encourage the cheering until it was time for the matches to begin.

Covering the Solheim Cup was a blast and I hope to see it again when the Europeans challenge the Americans again in four years.