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Crews Spend A Super Slimed Super Bowl Week With Nickelodeon

Nick Sports at Super Bowl LIWorking the week leading up to the Super Bowl is always cool.  But, it’s even cooler when the client is Nickelodeon.  Why?  SLIME! That’s why.  Yes, I’m talking about the green, gooey stuff that used to drop on contestants of various game shows on the kid-friendly network.  I grew up watching that stuff.  It was awesome.

Speaking of slime.  If you’re reading this blog to hear about the coolest thing I shot this week then I’ll save you some time, it was slime.  It was shooting one of the stars of “Dude Perfect” get slimed at 180fps on my Sony F5.  Boom.  SLIME!  The producers were talking about those slo-mo shots days after that footage was ingested.

Nick Sports at Super Bowl LI

We had a blast working for Nick Sports all week.  We were essentially a promo crew which meant we shot promos, stand-ups, and supplemental segments for Nickelodeon’s “Superstar Slime Showdown at Super Bowl.”  The special aired the afternoon before the Super Bowl.

One of our busiest days was Monday.  We shot a ton of stand-ups with Breanna Yde, star of Nickelodeon’s “School of Rock.”  That night we were at Minute Maid Park in downtown Houston for “Opening Night,” which is basically a media night.  We did a “man on the street” piece with Kel Mitchell dressed like his famous character from the Goodburger skits on “All That.”  Kel walked around media night and interviewed various players from the Falcons and Patriots.  It was so much fun to shoot.

The week was so busy it’s honestly hard to remember everything that we shot.  We shot interviews with a ton of football players, some of which were retired.  We crossed paths with L.T., Andy Dalton, Drew Brees, and Emmanuel Sanders.

Nick Sports at Super Bowl LI

I got so distracted by green slime and world class athletes that I forgot to mention our sweet camera rig.  I was rocking a Sony F5 with a Canon 17-120mm.  I had an Odyssey 7Qplus attached to back which always works great as a monitor that producers can look at.  On top of that, I also had a Teradeck Bolt 300 transmitter mounted to my rig.  The Teradeck was sending an HD signal to a mobile Small HD monitor.  We had a lot of producers floating around set so it was super valuable having two ways to view our camera feed.  Needless to say, this was a very heavy camera rig.  Our shoulders got quite the workout.

Overall, the week went very well.  Houston was an excellent Super Bowl host city.  It might be my favorite Super Bowl location so far.  (I’ve worked Super Bowls in both Dallas and New Orleans.)  I can’t wait for next year’s Super Bowl up in Minnesota.  I’ve got a feeling Nickelodeon might be giving us a call again.

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