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Mrs. Gene Jones – Terry Jones’ Wife

Dallas Camera Crew Kicks Off Football Season with the NFL Network

NFL Network Interview SetUp

NFL Network and Dallas Camera Crew Take the Field

It’s that time of the year again! Football season has officially started and our Dallas camera crew, Nate Galluppi and his apprentice, Nate Silverman got to help kick it off with the annual Hall of Fame induction ceremony and game.

This year there were a lot of Dallas fans excited for the ceremony because longtime Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was being inducted to the Hall of Fame, and popular Dallas-based reporter Ed Werder was being recognized with the Dick McMann Memorial Award for his excellence in reporting. We had the pleasure of filming an interview with Mrs. Gene Jones as she presented her husband for induction, as well as an interview with Ed Werder for the NFL Network’s coverage of the Hall of Fame ceremonies.

Our first shoot was the interview with Werder. Inside the Dallas Cowboys golf club, we staged in the banquet hall, using windows overlooking the golf course as a nice background providing some natural light and contrast to the inside. Both shoots were with the Canon C300 Mk. 1 and our set of L-series glass. It was lit with Kino Diva 400 and 200 watt lights with daylight bulbs. And light panels were used to fill in the background. It was awesome hearing Werder talk fondly of his memories of covering the NFL throughout the decades. He truly sounded like an NFL encyclopedia.

Mrs. Gene Jones - Terry Jones' Wife

Later we drove to the Jones’ Estate and filmed inside their luxurious home. To match other presentation videos the shoot called for a white seamless background so we needed a place to stage it. The entrance to the dining room was large enough to fit our backdrop and it was lit using the Kino Diva 400 and 200 watt tungsten lights with an Arri 150 watt tungsten light, half-dimmed, directly behind Mrs. Jones serving as a halo light. Then a light panel was flown above as an edge light as she talked directly into the lens about some of her favorite memories and accomplishments of her husband.

Congratulations to all of those honored in the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Looking forward to next year’s with the NFL Network again!

Watch the full piece here!