Dallas Cameraman at the Alumni HOF Ceremony with WWE

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WWE Wrestler Triple H

Recently, I had the opportunity to shoot for the WWE Network at the Boys and Girls Club annual Alumni Hall of Fame induction ceremony. I know you are asking yourself, what do WWE Wrestlers have to do with the Boys and Girls Club? The answer is a lot actually.

One of this year’s inductees was WWE Executive Vice President and Superstar, Triple H. Our mission for this was to cover the entirety of Triple H’s experience for the evening, which consisted of Blue Carpet media interviews, a VIP meet-and-greet and then the induction ceremony.

The inductees this year included a few big names, such as comedic actor Anthony Anderson, Dallas Cowboy’s tight end Jason Witten, and Tony Clark, the Executive Director of the Major League Baseball Players Association to name a few.

WWE Wrestler Triple H

For this shoot, I shouldered up my Canon C300 with an L-Series 24-105 lens. This combo gave me a great run-and-gun rig with a decent zoom range. The first part of the shoot was the Boys and Girls Club ‘Blue Carpet’ which we did quick standup on-the-fly interviews with each of the inductees before they would pose for photographs and interview with other members of the media.

After the Blue Carpet and VIP Meet and Greet were over, I swapped over to my L-Series 70-200 lens and threw my C300 on my tripod to get nice stable shots of the official ceremony on the big stage. The main event was pretty straight forward, with each inductee giving around a 4-minute acceptance speech. Throughout the ceremony, I bounced around the room capturing different angles of the speakers on stage and of audience reactions to the speeches. Once Triple H hit the stage, my camera stayed on him.

After the ceremony, my producer and I transferred footage. In no time, I was packing my gear back in the Suburban and I was headed home.