LA Crew On the Court with J.J. Redick for Turner Sports

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J.J. Redick in Dr. Scholl's Commercial

Did you know that the bones in your feet make up one-fourth of the total amount of bones in your body? We learned that in the latest Dr. Scholl’s commercial featuring J.J. Redick. Turner Sports helped shoot an interview and B-roll for it.

The Clipper’s star is considered to be one of the deadliest shooters in the NBA. In college he played for Duke and is the all-time leading scorer for them to this day. You might think the deadliest shooter in basketball would be scary to be around behind the scenes, but he’s not! He was very outgoing and had a great sense of humor between takes and during B-roll footage. Three cameras were used to capture his workout moves from all angles. Turner really knows how to get the best footage.

Want to go behind the scenes of the shoot?

Also check out the actual commercial here.