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Nashville Camera Crew ELEAGUE Obstacle Course

Nashville Camera Crew Facing Obstacles with Turner’s ELEAGUE

Our Nashville camera crew, Peter Leininger, partnered with Turner Sports’ ELEAGUE to take some professional video gamers away from the computer and put them through an obstacle course.

eSports is Football of the Future

Have you heard of eSports yet? Electronic sports are all about multi-player video game competitions. From League of Legends to Overwatch to Counter Strike: Global Offensive, these video games are played by teams and watched by masses. Think of football fans going to watch a game in a stadium – eSports fans go to watch games in a big auditorium. Tournaments are broadcast live on many platforms and players win a lot of prize money. We love being at the forefront of this exciting industry!

Nashville Camera Crew ELEAGUE Obstacle Course

Turner Sports Creates ELEAGUE

Turner Sports saw the need for a professional eSports league, so they created ELEAGUE. You can compare it to the NFL, NBA and MLB and matches can be seen on Turner’s TBS, Twitch and YouTube. Counter Strike: Global Offensive is their biggest game and they partner a lot with Cloud9, an American eSports organization that fields teams in CS: GO.

Nashville Camera Crew ELEAGUE Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course with Cloud9 CS: GO Team

Our Nashville camera crew worked with Cloud9 CS: GO players Rush (Will Wierzba), Skadoodle (Tyler Latham), Stewie2K (Jake Yip), tarik (Tarik Celik) and autimatic (Timothy Ta) on a fun obstacle course shoot. From monkey bars to spider walls to 10 foot ramp walls, each gamer ran through the course trying to score the best time. No surprise that these players are just as competitive on a course as they are in a game. Rush turned out to be the winner at 34.4 seconds. We set up GoPros for the obstacle course shots. We used a Sony F5 for the when the guys talked about what they were about to do.

Even our cameraman got to try out the course! What was the hardest obstacle? “The spider wall was pretty tricky.” Thanks for the fun challenge Turner Sports!

Think you have what it takes? Watch here!