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Teacher asking her students a question

Seattle Crew Hits the Books with Stenhouse Publishers

Go To Team Production Equipment on the Shoot: Sony FS7, Sony A7S Mark II + 633 sound mixer

Stenhouse Publishers Teacher Reading What was the last book you read? The staff at Stenhouse Publishers is reading all the time! We had the pleasure of working with them on a great shoot in Seattle.
Stenhouse Publishers Classroom with Students

Stenhouse Publishers’ mission is to recognize and embrace the complexity of teaching and learning. They are devoted to helping teachers inspire deep and creative thinking of their students. We joined them at three different public schools in Lacey, WA, for a two-day shoot. It was a part of a series they are working on to help teachers convey ideas, especially in regards to mathematics. We filmed class sessions and interviews of the author and teachers.

Stenhouse 3

Filming during class time means a quick set up and tear down. We had to hustle to beat the bell! A funny story about getting it done for the client… We were in such a hurry that the wheel on my gear cart fell off and the producer had to sacrifice an old pair of glasses to makeshift a pin that would hold the wheel hub together. We do whatever it takes to make sure our shoots run smoothly and always work as a team! Thank you Stenhouse Publishers for booking us for such an inspiring and interesting shoot.