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Texas DP Swings Down To Houston For Marketing Firm Shoot

CTN Communications

The other day I was in Houston for a quick corporate shoot.  It’s the sort of day where you spend more time driving than shooting.  The client needed one interview shot in front of a white backdrop.  No problem.  We can do that.

I shot the interview on a Canon C300 Mark 1 with an 85mm f1.2.  I used a 12-foot curtain rod to hang the white backdrop.  We couldn’t get a white seamless backdrop in time so I had to improvise.  I went to Lowe’s and picked up a 9x12ft white painter’s cloth.  Although it has wrinkles that you can’t fully remove, you can get rid of them on camera if you shoot at a fast f-stop.

CTN Communications

After the shoot, we wrapped up and headed back to Waco, Texas.  I copied over the footage to my computer while we were on the road.  Once I got home I uploaded the interview via dropbox for the client to download.  This was a super smooth shoot.  It’s always nice when that happens. Thanks CTN Communications!