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Charlotte Crew with Barstool Sports

Need a good laugh to help get you through the work week? Tune in to Rough N Rowdy with BarstoolSports. This show features amateur fighters all on offense throwing haymakers going for the knockout. We guarantee at some point you’ll have tears in your eyes laughing because you’ve never seen anything quite like it!


Our Charlotte crew member, Tori Musciano, has enjoyed getting Rowdy for the Rough N Rowdy shoots with BarstoolSports. The footage captured for these segments is done on a Sony F5.  Since our crew was filming a family at the latest Rough N Rowdy shoot, and they wanted more medium close-ups and wide shots of the group, we stuck to a 24-70mm lens.

The fights happen between certain weight and age limits where the competitors share their stories and get the other contestant riled up through internet shaming. Once the day of the fight comes around, and the competitors’ blood is boiling, an audience who has followed all the hype now has a say in who’s going to win. One person wins from their weight class and it continues to get to the core final winners. and then someone wins from their weight class and it continues to get to the core final winners.

Tori said, “I always, always, always come back feeling new after these shoots. I praise these people from where they come from and what they’ve been through. I am grateful and blessed but I have a heart and empathize with all their stories. It’s great. Plus they’re all awesome and I come home having new friends.”

One obstacle crews have to overcome is being on the go for 3-4 hours straight with a bulky camera; however, the passion and entertainment the contestants and BarstoolSports provides makes it worth it.