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Charlotte Camerawoman Rough N Rowdy

Day in the Life of a Camerawoman

By: Tori Musciano, Charlotte, North Carolina camerawoman

Charlotte Camerawoman at Rough n Rowdy

Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. Isn’t that what they say? I can attest to this during my day of being the Director of Photography for the Rough N Rowdy event with Barstool Sports. I drove in the day before the event as it was a six-hour drive ahead of me – Charlotte, North Carolina to Morgantown, West Virginia. I needed time to go over specs with my other cameraman, David DiFalco, from Washington, DC. Timing and organization is everything in this world. Let me take you through my schedule with them!

Charlotte Camerawoman Rough N Rowdy

Day before shoot:

8:45 AM – wake up, eat, check emails, shower, last minute errands

09:30 AM – pack bags for trip to WV; text local renter that I will be on the way soon to grab gear

10:00 AM – chat with DiFalco about arrival time, load up truck, last looks for gear around apartment, mentally check off list that I’m good to hit the road

11:00 AM – grab rental gear from local renter

12:00 PM – hit the road to WV; text DiFalco that I’m “On the way, dude!”

6:30 PM – arrive to hotel

6:40 PM – check into hotel, grab gear to setup camera, put batteries on charger, check emails, let Barstool Sports know that we are here

7:30 PM – dinner with DiFalco

8:45 PM – head back to hotel

9:00 PM – say goodnight to DiFalco, check emails, make sure batteries are charged

9:30 PM – setup camera fully for tomorrow’s event

10:30 PM – light outs

Charlotte Camerawoman Rough N Rowdy

Day of event:

9:00 AM – wake up, check emails, shower

11:00 AM – meet DiFalco for brunch, discuss when wheels up time is

12:15 PM – head back to hotel

12:30 PM – start loading up gear minus the camera

1:30 PM – wheels up!

1:45 PM – arrive at location

2:00 PM – call time at location; meet up with producer

2:15 PM – roll in gear

2:30 PM – greet everyone else at venue; scout new location

2:45 PM – setup gear where it will be stationed during event

3:00 PM – help DiFalco setup stingers and ladder for his riser, give him all gear needed

3:15 PM – grab teradek from producer and setup on camera

3:30 PM – do a walk around of venue to make sure wireless connection is not lost

3:45 PM – confirmed all connections work great; meet with producer to chat about schedule before event

4:30 PM – have a run through with all crew members for event

5:00 PM – grab VIP credentials

5:15 PM – grab food before event starts

5:45 PM – help non GTT crew members with various tasks (run cable, tape down cable, help with B-roll, etc.)

6:30 PM – grab a couple waters to put on standby on riser; get ready for event to start

7:00 PM – Rough N Rowdy starts; roll entire showtime

12:15 AM – I am released as Caleb is done hosting, check on DiFalco, grab hard drive and start transferring my footage

12:30 AM – event ends; DiFalco is released; grab his footage and start transferring to hard drive

1:15 AM – finish transferring all footage, load up cart, leave event, get to trucks in garage, load up, say goodbye to DiFalco

1:30 AM – that’s a wrap!

Charlotte Camerawoman Rough N Rowdy

We drove back to our hotel in separate suburbans after a long day. I woke up the next morning, packed up my bags, ate breakfast, and hit the road. After another six hour drive, I was back to home base. I treated myself out to eat that night, and found myself looking at what was next up on my calendar to go shoot. Barstool Sports is one of my favorite clients to work for. Never a dull moment! I can’t wait to see some highlights from the night!

Gear: Sony F5, Panasonic HDX900