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Miami Video Crew on CNBC’s Profit Effect

Miami Video Crew Learns the Profit Effect with CNBC

Our Miami video crew, Juan Lopez, headed downtown to Grafton Furniture to find out how their business is doing since teaming up with businessman Marcus Lemonis on CNBC’s “The Profit.”

The Profit Effect with Marcus Lemonis

How has Grafton Furniture benefited since partnering with Marcus Lemonis on CNBC’s “The Profit?” Our Miami video crew headed to their shop to find out about their “Profit Effect.” What started out as an aging family business is now a thriving industry leader with the help of Lemonis’ business expertise. Lemonis takes struggling businesses and turns them around. Grafton Furniture was one of his latest ventures. We were there to shoot interviews and B-roll about how the business has thrived since connecting for a promotional ad for the successful show.

Miami Video Crew on CNBC's Profit Effect

Grafton Furniture Turns a Profit in Miami

Steve Grafton was at one time a salesman, production coordinator, quality control head and more. Lemonis made him realize that is not a good system. He told Grafton to take a step back and just be a leader. And to not be afraid to delegate and have others help him along the way. That is exactly what Lemonis did – helped. He has connected the company to many of his other business ventures and has created a great partnership for the future. The company grew by 50% in their first year since teaming up with him. Their goal is to hit $25 million by year 10. How does Grafton feel about Lemonis? “He’s the dream partner. He doesn’t take ALL my calls haha, but he takes the important ones. He’s very particular, but he gives you space to be the professional you are.”

Miami Video Crew on CNBC's Profit Effect

Who knew shooting furniture could be so fun? Our Miami video crew wishes the best to Grafton Furniture and hopes they reach all their goals. It was great to work with their team, Marcus Lemonis, and CNBC’s “The Profit.”

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