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Women in Country

Go To Team Atlanta Crew | E! Women in Country

Did you know that in 2018 women have historically low radio plays in country music? Just two songs with a lead female singer topped the country charts this year. But things are about to change…

Women in Country

CMT announced the next Women of Country tour, headlined by Cassadee Pope. The purpose of Women of Country is to bring fresh female voices to the forefront of country music. E! News and Go To Team’s Atlanta DP, Nate Silverman, sat down with Cassadee Pope to discuss the upcoming tour and the state of women in country music as a whole.

Our crew set up the interview on stage in the James K. Polk Theater of Nashville. We lit the interview with three bi-color Generay light panels for their speed of setup and to match the tungsten lights of the theater. It was shot on a Sony F5, with a Canon l-series 70-200mm lens. In the interview, Cassadee talked about the support that women in country music have received from CMT. They have also received a huge amount of support from their male counterparts in the industry. The end goal? Receive more airplay and promotion of women in the genre.


It’s important to tell these stories and highlight these issues. We’re honored that E! News allowed us to be a part of this journey.