Go To Team Elite Camera Crew & Video Production Crew | Go To Team Atlanta Crew | MLB VR Batting Cages


Go To Team Atlanta Crew | MLB VR Batting Cages

This year at CMA Fest, MLB VR had a pop up event to showcase their newest games and Go To Team’s Atlanta, DP Nate Silverman, was there to capture it all! 

Home Run Derby was the experience that MLB VR had fans interact with this year. The game allows fans to step into the batter’s box and take some swings. The super exciting part? MLB VR is holding these pop-up events across the country so fans can experience the inside of a stadium and swing for the fences. 


Our crew captured behind the scenes footage of fans giving it their all! All footage was captured on a Sony F5 with a Canon L-Series lense.  Lighting was provided by the pre-existing installed light fixtures. 


The crew captured everything from tight shots of the VR headset to fans swinging the bat. The bat had sensors on it that matched sensors in the batting cage. This helps registers the players’ swings and timing as the ball is being thrown. This is another great way that MLB is bringing the experience of playing with major leaguers to fans, and the fans love it!


We had a fantastic time working with MLB on this shoot and we hope to work together again!