Go To Team Atlanta Crew with Nike Short Documentary

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“Girls don’t have to stick to swim. Girls don’t have to stick to track.”  Football is football. Whether it’s played with pads or flags, by boys or girls – passion, hard work and drive deserve recognition. Without Limits. All they need is a stage.

Nike Flag Football Documentary

This was the focus for Nike’s short documentary on the first county championship in girls varsity flag football: Girls of Gwinnett.

Go To Team’s Atlanta DP, Nate Silverman, was on the field with Nike crews to capture game footage for the documentary.

The crew shot on a Sony F5 with a Canon 7.5-158mm ENG lens. The footage was captured at 4k 60fps for a crisp slow motion aesthetic. The footage was shot s-log so the editor could match the F5 footage to that of the Arri Alexa Mini’s that were A-Cam and B-Cam.

Nike Flag Football Documentary

The flag football team our crew focused on, Peachtree Ridge, went from an 11th seed in the tournament to finish as the champions. Congratulations to Peachtree Ridge! And a huge thank you to Nike for allowing us to help tell their story. We are honored to be a part of the storytelling process and bringing light to such an important time in football.