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People tend to day-dream about the glamour of becoming an actor, but not many actors leave their career to serve in the armed forces.Charlotte Crew | Schroeder

However, that’s exactly what Carly Schroeder did, and Inside Edition highlighted her courageous decision with our Charlotte Camerawoman, Tori Musciano, in Fort Jackson, SC. Charlotte Crew | Schroeder

This past May, Schroeder announced that she would be enlisting in the U.S. Army as a recruit, and attending Officer Candidate School. Schroeder’s acting may be best remembered by her role in the Disney Channel TV series “Lizzie McGuire.” 

Our crew shot the piece using a Sony F5 to capture the highest quality footage, and lit the shots using a camera-mounted light. This setup allowed for the camera to move around and capture different angles, all while maintaining a consistent light on the subject.

Charlotte Crew | Schroeder

Our crew had a great time working with inside edition, and we hope to work together in the future!

Charlotte Crew | Schroeder