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Arri Alexa Mini | Go To Team

Go To Team Crews Using ARRI Alexa Mini

As a director of photography, the tools you use to capture footage can have a big impact on the end result of your production. Perhaps one of the most important decisions a DP makes is the camera they work with.

Different camera systems have different trade-offs that can provide benefits depending on your style of shooting. If your system is placing limitations on the work you create, upgrading can certainly provide better features, capabilities, and functionality that will benefit your workflow as a filmmaker. A recent trend in the filmmaking industry is creators ditching their old cameras for compact, modular, systems that maximize versatility.

ARRI Alexa cameras are designed for use in high budget films and based to the infographic below, they are the most used system by award-winning filmmakers.

Arri Alexa Mini | Go To Team

According to ARRI, the Alexa Mini is the small and versatile allrounder in the ARRI camera family, and it’s also their best selling model. It features a symmetrical design that permits filming in any orientation, while multiple accessory points allow more creative mounting solutions. ALEXA Mini’s lightweight design allows for a more comfortable shooting experience while. It’s compact size also makes it ideal for shooting in tight conditions, balancing on a gimbal, as well as underwater and aerial applications.

Whatever the reason may be for switching, try to ensure your camera or gear is disabling you as a videographer to achieve something that was difficult or impossible to achieve before. Get to know the gear you currently have and determine if upgrading will be a worthwhile investment for the work you do.  

At Go To Team, we strive to create the best cinematography content as possible. Our team is transitioning to the ARRI Alexa Mini because it is a tool that allows us to capture our creative vision, without compromising on size and weight.