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Hilton Hotels | DiFalco

Go To Team D.C. Crew | High Tech Advances for Hilton Hotels

Looking for somewhere to host your next meeting or event? Look no further than Hilton Hotels!

The popular hotel chain has added new meeting spaces to 3 of their locations, and DC is (excitingly) one of them. The new meeting areas include couches, capabilities of video conferencing, and a new robot that shows the faces of people conferencing in remotely.

Hilton Hotels | DiFalco

Hilton chose to work with Go To Team’s D.C. DP, David Difalco, to showcase the new additions to their hotels.

The crew used a Sony F5 to capture the corporate footage. During the interview, our crew also used a teleprompter along with the audio to streamline the process. The audio was boomed and lav’d. For lighting, our crew used a Kino as a key light, a Panel Light as a backlight, and used the overhead practical lighting to light the background.

Our crew’s favorite part of the shoot was checking out the high tech advances the hotel has implemented in their new meeting spaces.

Thank you to Hilton for choosing to work with Go To Team’s DP to capture this showcasing. We look forward to working with you again in the future!